Lone Hawk Farm is a neighborhood country garden where you can buy freshly harvested organic vegetables and flowers, or pick your own from the fields.

Availability changes throughout the growing season but there's always an array of fresh veggies, garden-fed chicken eggs, and cold bottled water. We operate on the honor system. 

We farm with clean, quiet, sustainable solar electric Sun Horse tractors designed and built right here on the farm.  A long-term goal is to sustainably produce energy as well as nutrient-rich food for our local community.  Our gardening equipment is all battery powered and is recharged from solar panels and a wind generator, assuring a clean, quiet growing environment.

You are welcome to visit the organic gardens any time during the growing season. Bring a lunch and sit on the barn balcony where you can relax and enjoy the lovely country views.

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Lone Hawk Farm / Biodiversified all electric roadside gardens. Open daily, on the honor system.